How to Help Pest Control When They Visit

You have just gotten off the phone and explained a lengthy story about how you believe there is a rat wedged in between your bed and the dresser. Further, you might wake up to find an infestation of ants on your kitchen counter and you have no idea where they came from. Either way, the pest control company is on their way to come to your rescue. Before they arrive, there are a few things that you need to do. No technician from any pest control company wants to enter a home that’s a complete mess. There is absolutely no way they can move around safely with equipment to find the pest you’re talking about. Do yourself a favor and clean your home prior to calling a pest control business. It’s understandable you will call a pest control company right at the same time you have screamed and saw a little critter run across the floor. However, if there are clothes on the floor or even food you need to make sure your home is completely cleaned so the pest control technicians can assess the problem.

Video and pictures

Most of us are terrified when seeing mountains of bugs or unknown creatures run across a carpet while watching tv. The last thing you want to do is grab your phone and take a picture. However, it turns out, this is probably the smartest thing that you can do prior to the pest control business arriving. This will give them a good idea what they’re dealing with, especially if it’s unknown rodent. Try your best to snap some video or a picture you can save to your phone and either email the pest control business or show a technician when they get there. Videos and pictures are one of the strongest ways to document how bad your pest control problem actually is. In these visuals you may be able to determine how the pests are getting it to your home and making their way out. Once you see the rodent charges after you, it’s best to not try and get a picture or a video of this critter. Never endanger yourself trying to take on your pest control problem. Further, if the rodent is an actual animal of some type you may not need pest control, but animal control. You can find something like crawl space encapsulation richmond va.


It might be possible to set up a barricade and trap the pest from moving any further in your home. This can be done to ants that are coming in by the thousands through a crack in the wall. You can try to divert their direction from your kitchen or going into other rooms. This can be helpful to the pest control company that’s on its way and allow technicians to go immediately to that spot. At this point, they will take it from here and begin to corner off all holes or cracks where the bugs are routinely going in and out of.