Tips to Landing the Right Roofer

Not all of us have a clue about what is going on with our roofs. We do know that when there is a leak it needs to be fixed pronto. We don’t want to wait around another minute until someone can show up to repair the problem. Here is a list of things to consider when hiring your next roofing contractor.


Once you and the contractor have decided they will be the one to fix your roof, they can give you a contract in writing. This will break down all of the terms and conditions surrounding the overall project. It should list out parts to be used and what kind of labor cost will go into the work. It also should show whether they will be using subcontractors on the job. The work does need to have a warranty and this should be stated in the contract. Anything that doesn’t make sense to you in the contract needs to be brought to the contractor’s attention. Look for what the warranty covers regarding manufacturers or for the roofing contractor. Find out how long the warranty will last and make sure it states it in the overall contract. You can find any roofing port st lucie fl in your area.


Estimates given to you by a roofing contractor are always free. Never let anyone try to charge you a separate fee for simply giving you a quote. It needs to be written on their letterhead so you can see the company’s name and address. This paperwork should outline all the materials to be used, the entire cost and what the work will entail. Ask the roofer to explain anything that looks a bit off or makes no sense at all. You are the one paying for it so you might as well make sure it’s correct. Add up the costs or charges yourself to make sure the addition is right. This can save you headaches, if you find out you’ve been over charged.


Get as many references as possible for your roofer. These can come from friends, family or co-workers. References are great if you need another opinion on why the roofer you selected is the best hire. Ask the roofer if they have previous customers you can call. Most roofers often do and don’t mind you asking if you can call these people. Any contractor you deal with should have a list of references available to call when you need to know more about their work.

These are tips to landing the right roofer for your home. Make sure the contract breaks down the warranty for the parts and gives you the terms. All estimates need to be correct when given to you the first time. If you spot a mistake, give it back and have them write another one up. Get references for all roofers you are considering hiring and ask the roofer if they can give you a few names. This way you will know you can trust the contractor to do good work by hearing from someone else.